Photo Wednesday and more

Dave and Leigh

Hi Wednesday, what the hell happened to Tuesday, oh yeah Jo-Anne kept getting distracted each time she sat to try and write a post. Leo had to go to the doctor as he has conjunctivitis, so off school till Monday but at least he doesn’t need drops or anything as it is suppose to be viral. The weather is pretty hot, Blain is going on a school excursion to Merewether Baths hope he has a good day.

Tim and I went out this morning looking at caravans, he was surprised at how much they cost, more then he wants to pay so he said we will just keep looking, however, since we will need to replace the car next year as it will need a lot of work for it to pass for rego again so Tim said we will just trade it in and get something newer. So if we are going to do that I think the caravan can wait it is not a must have like the car is or a newer motorbike for Tim.

Anyway since it is Wednesday I will post a photo for photo Wednesday, this week it is of my brother and sister in-law as it is Leigh’s birthday today.


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