53 and counting


Hello Monday and what a nice Monday it is shaping up to be the rain has cleared and the sun is out.

It was 53 years ago that I came into the world weight only 4lb 2ozs and being only 12 inches long, so tiny and frail that some thought I would not survive. Wouldn’t think so if you saw me now hardly tiny and not frail although with all the problems with my arm and balance I am not as good as I could be but I still wake up each day and set out to enjoy life.

Have received a number of text messages wishing me a happy birthday, and called in to see my parents on the way home after I dropped Leo off at school, the gave me some ornaments for my yard and new watch and a nice pendant.

Tim wished me happy birthday but hasn’t got me anything as yet he said he couldn’t find anything on my list so he may just give me money to go and get something.

I had hoped the girls would had done something last weekend for my birthday but didn’t happen, maybe they will do something next weekend, only time will tell.

Leo was quick to wish me happy birthday this morning when I picked him up to take him to school and Natasha also wished me happy birthday but didn’t give me anything as yet either.

Now sometime during the next week or so I will have to dig out my Christmas decorations and decorate the house for Christmas. I do love Christmas just as I do love my birthday.

I don’t see my birthday as me getting old, it means I have been around for another year to see my grandchildren grow, and my daughters grow and spend time with my family who all in all are pretty great. Yes they can be annoying at times but over all I am lucky to have a pretty great family.

Life is what we make of it, we can have setbacks, and knock downs and disappointments in life but we can chose to take a breath, to dust ourselves off and carry on. Tomorrow is a new day, and we have no idea what that day will bring.

So I am 53 and counting


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