A wet Sunday at Jo-Anne’s Place


Hello Sunday and what a wet Sunday you are, this morning I woke up when Tim’s alarm went off at around 6ish and spent the morning reading and writing blog posts as well as doing a load of washing which because it is raining has gone in the dryer.

Tim is at work and I am home with Leo as Jessica wanted to go and do some shopping this morning without Leo which is ok as long as she isn’t late getting here to pick him up I would like her to get him around 12.30 at the latest, so I will be able to go and have a nap as I get so very tired so very easy now days.

My mum said I should tell the girls that my weekends as child free so I have been thinking that I might suggest that once a month I will have a child free weekend not sure how Jessica is going to feel about this as she does like me to have Leo one night of a weekend.

However, as mum says no one watched her children just so she could have a night off, and no one watched my children so I could have a night off, what is this crap about wanting a night off, Jessica says that I had her dad to help with the looking after the children and she is on her own but let’s be honest here Jessica your dad wasn’t a big help all the time, yes he was here but I d id 90% of the work looking after you girls that was just the way it was.

I have been feeling like shit lately my arm is aching so much and when I am tired my balance is shot and all in all I just feel like shit, I have had a few nights when I lay in bed crying from the exhaustion and the aching arm.

I am scared of what the specialist is going to say about my arm, I am scared of getting worse, of becoming a burden on my family and yes I know they don’t think that way but it doesn’t stop me feeling the way I am feeling as I sit and type this my arm is aching and my hand shaking when I stop typing.

It is only just after 11am and I am so tired I would love to be able to go and have a nap but can’t do that just yet as still have Leo here.

Anyway that is all for today’s post I am too tired to think much and finding it difficult to stay awake.


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