Just another Monday

Ir's Monday

Hello Monday, it has been a busy morning, I had to take Leo to school and of course I get nearly to Natasha’s to pick him up and realised I had forgotten to bring Leo’s school clothes with me so I had to get Leo and come home so he can change his clothes and I then took him back to school. I also had to drop of his new Webster pack of medication at the school and the fool chemist mucked it up he only take 1 table at midday and the chemist had added his morning medication as well which is one and half tablets. I was worried that they would make me take it back and get it redone, thankfully the woman who signed in the pack said it would be ok and I didn’t need to have it redone.

I had to take a form into the Department of Housing for Jessica and what happens when I get there she hadn’t signed the form so I said she might be out in the car the bloody woman being helpful she went out the back to try and find her and came back and told me she wasn’t in the car. Since I knew she was at home that was not a surprise I said I would go out and ring here and find where she was, I go out and walk around the corner and signed the form for her and went back and handed the form in for her.

I also had to pick up forms to fill in about Natasha moving back home with us, Tim was annoyed he said why do we have to fill these forms in why bother, but I want everything up front if we don’t tell them they will find out and we could end up with more trouble then we need.

Kelli asked if I would be able to record how Blain is when I get him this afternoon, so I dug out my digital recorder, I could use my phone but if I did that he would know what I am doing and I would rather him not know so I found the recorder and have put it in the car ready for when I get him this afternoon. I am expecting to not be in his good books since his father went mad at him about his swearing and being rude and disrespectful of me and others.

I also had to go to the building society to deposit some money in order to pay a bill, so by the time I got home and read some blogs post and started to write this up I was feeling somewhat tired, oh yeah I also went for a walk this morning which felt good and was tired at the same time. I would love to be able to have a nap during the day but usually don’t feel like I have the time to do so, since I have to leave at 2pm to head to the school to get Blain and then I go and get Leo and by the time I get back here it is between 3.30-4pm so to late in the day for a nap. Before hand I am not tired enough to have a nap I find it is after 1 that I start to get really tied so tired that a nap would be good.

Ok that is all for today why well because my brain doesn’t want to come up with anything else so I am just sharing me day so you all know I am still alive………………


2 thoughts on “Just another Monday

  1. Good gracious, that sounds like an incredibly busy day. I don’t know how comforted I’d feel by the woman telling me that my pharmacological goof-up will “be fine.” And you clandestinely recorded someone like a some sort of spy? That’s quite a day.

    1. It was a busy morning, and I just hope the school remember to only give him 1 tablet at midday and not 1& a half that would not be good. I did record Blain admitting he lied and tried to blame me by saying I was lying so now he is grounded for the week with no computer, Xbox or tv for a week

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