A School Meeting

Dawson school photo 2015

Hello bloggers, it is a nice cool somewhat wet Thursday here I didn’t do a post yesterday because I just didn’t feel like it, I went with mum to Dawson’s school for a meeting about what Dawson will be doing next year, mum and I planned to go to see nan after the appointment at the school but didn’t get to see nan as by the time we were finished at the school we just didn’t feel like we had the time to do so.

Mum and Michelle had been told Dawson would have to go to a different school next year Jesmond High instead of Wakefield he can’t stay at Wakefield as that school isn’t able to have senior students as in years 11 and 12 so since Dawson will be in year 11 next year he has to go to a different school.

Mum thought that he would be going into mainstream schooling but that isn’t the case, he will be going into a class for students with emotional behavioural problems the class will only have 7 students in it and is in the seniors only part of the high school, so no younger children to annoy Dawson. Learning this made both mum and me as well as Michelle feel better about him going there.

Now mum and Michelle will have to sort out how Dawson will get there, hopefully he will still be able to get the “taxi” there and back, it is not really a taxi it is a school transport scheme, he gets picked up and dropped at the school and in the afternoon he get picked up and brought home this costs nothing and means that mum doesn’t have to drive him. The principal told mum that he may not be able to get it as they may say mum drives so she can drive him but this is not something mum wants to do, she does enough as it is and she will be 76 next year. Oh well we will see what happens.

Today we had wanted to go to the cemetery to visit pops grave as it is 5 years since he passed it was 5 years yesterday but it has been far too wet to go there and the ground would be so bloody wet and muddy so we gave it a miss.

Tasha had a phone call from the Department of Housing yesterday about the letter I wrote a week ago saying how she is fed up and leaving the house and moving back home with me and her dad. She told them that she is done she didn’t want to hear their lies any more she has heard it all before and she is just so fed up and will be out of the house as soon as she can arrange storage for her belongings and can sort out the spare room in this house. She said she wasn’t rude but was firm and yes she cut the woman off but she said she is so over it.

I really don’t know how it is going to work with her and Blain moving back here but we will see and there is no way we would tell her they couldn’t come home as that is not who we are we are always here for our daughters.


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