Nothing much on this Monday

Hello Monday and what a lovely Monday it is, at the moment it is not too hot nor too cold so just so nice the type of weather I like.

This morning I was going to go for a walk but it was a bit wet outside so I decided not to bother, this would make my mum and daughters happy as they don’t like me to go for a walk, as they worry about me after that day when I was losing my balance and had difficulties walking.

I drove Leo to school this morning but really didn’t feel like doing so but Natasha didn’t want to do it and I had to take Leo’s school clothes and school bag over to her place as of course they didn’t bother to take his school stuff home with them yesterday.

Natasha has started to move some of her stuff in, she has brought over all of Blain’s clothes and Xbox games and a few of his toys, we will be setting a bed up for him in the next day or so or so she has said.

I hope she is happy living here, I am not sure how she will be as it is not easy in my opinion when adult children move home with their parents but it is what she wants to do, I wrote a letter off to the Department of Housing telling them that she is done and wants out of the house she is in so much that she is prepared to move home and share a room with her soon to be 10yr old son. She said he will have the bed and she will sleep on the lounge.

On Saturday night we had one little boy come to the door trick-or-treating and I gave him something although I don’t do Halloween I thought it was only one boy so why not.

I have been watching the tv show Banished set in the early days of New South Wales, convict days how hard life must have been for those early settlers I can’t imagine but they some how managed and survived and built this great country.

That is all I have for now, my brain isn’t working much so I will just post this and maybe tomorrow I will be able to write more

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