Monday hasn’t started out as a fun day, but it has improved, a tad

Good morning world as I think everyone knows I do very little blogging over the weekend this is my time to catch up on tv shows I have recorded or answer letters and you know other stuff other then blogging.

Anyway it is now Monday and this morning when I went for my walk I was not is a good shape, I was so very tired after about 30 minutes and had to stop 3 times for a rest and I was walking and stumbling around like I was drunk or something and it was such an effort to keep on walking but I made it. When I got home I went to the toilet and lost my balance and fell into the door, didn’t wake Tim though, in fact the last part of the walk my balance was pretty bad I kept walking to the left and closing my eyes it was that difficult but I made it home without falling or anything.

This morning we are getting our new fridge delivered, yesterday Tim took the freezer outside and hosed it out to defrost it and I have transferred the stuff out of the freezer in the fridge into the upright freezer. Tim also took the old deep freezer out behind the back gate and tipped it up to drain all the foul smelling crap out of it, it is still there, he will bring it inside sometime this afternoon. The fridge is arriving just in time as the one we have is not working now I have placed ice bricks in the fridge to help keep the food in it cool I hope it is delivered early but we will see.

Yesterday afternoon our next door neighbour (Bear) got up on the roof and cleaned out our gutters this he did without being asked, when I told Tim he said he will give Bear some money for doing it, Bear also does our backyard every few weeks which Tim gives him $30 for, in fact Bear does many of the yards in the complex it is something he like to do to keep busy and it earns him a few dollars he is a senior citizen so making do on the pension.

Over the weekend Tim removed the security screens from two windows and replace the mesh in them so now we will have to read the riot act to the boys about damaging the mesh, Leo cut the mesh which is why it had to be replace so no doing that this time. Tim in fact made the security screens for the windows they are called security screens as they are pop riveted to the windows so they can not be removed without making a lot of noise unlike normal window screens that can be simply removed.

Ok I am back the new fridge has just arrived had to unpack the old stuff and throw it all on the bench and sink but all now packed into the new fridge but of course we have to wait an hour before we can turn the new fridge on. Tim has the day off, he took a sick day which is ok with me he now wants to go and do a stock up shop also ok with me.


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