Appointments, vomit, walking and seeing a dentist so pretty much just life

Yesterday I started this but then got distracted and never got around to finishing it, I had to got to the doctors to have a medical form filled in for the RTA which is now called Service NSW for those not in the know that the mob who issue you your drivers licence along with a lot of other crap. I needed the form filled in because I have sleep apnoea and diabetes all good I will hand it in sometime today.

This morning Blain woke me at 6am to tell me he had vomited in the loungeroom, beside my arm chair, I of course got up and cleaned it up then went back to bed for half an hour, when I was getting ready to leave for my morning walk I could hear him in the bathroom throwing up again, so he is not going to school today, he has gone home with his mum for a while she will bring him back before she goes to work.

Thank you for all who had kind words about my condition with my right arm, I kept it a secret from many people for many months, I didn’t want anyone to worry and it was only when it became so noticeable that it was hard to hide that family members became aware of it, and yes the are all worried about it.

I got a letter on Friday from the Royal outpatients department over at the John Hunter Hospital complex to tell me I had an appointment over with the diabetic doctor on Friday morning, what the hell I hate Friday appointments as Friday is my super busy day, so I rang them to see if it could be changed till a different day, but no it can’t be bugga that. The appointment is at 9.40am and I know some people will thing that is ok it is nice and early but no its not, the first appointment would be around 7.45am in the day so about two hours after the first appointment which means I may or may not be in on time. So I don’t think I will get much if any shopping done on Friday I know I will not get the food shopping done as I will not have time.

Mum and I are the earlier the better when it comes to appointments type of people, so you can imagine when mum got a phone call saying that she has an appointment at Wakefield school on the first Wednesday of November. The stupid woman at the school was like it will be early around 9.30am so you should be home by 11am so you can go to the nursing home then, no we will not be going to the nursing home that late in the day we like to be there around 9am to see nan and the same goes for when we go to see Aunty Pat 11.30am which would be the time we would be getting to the nursing home is just too late, mum has to be home to get my brother’s lunch between 11.30-12 each day and dad like his lunch at midday each day so it really doesn’t work.

I told Natasha this morning that I have decided to continue my morning walk even if Tim isn’t hear in the morning for Blain as Blain is now nearly 10 and he should be ok on his own while I am gone as I am only gone for between 30-40minutes and he knows my phone number so if he wakes up and is worried he can just ring me but 9 times out of 10 he will still be asleep when I get home from my walk.

I am the type of person who likes to go for an early morning walk if I don’t go first thing in the morning I won’t go as by 8.20 when Tasha leaves to take the boys to school I am no longer interested in going for a walk also in Summer it is getting pretty hot by that time most days and I would prefer to go before it gets hot.

I have a dentist appointment this morning in about an hours time, Tim was great with giving me the money for the appointment as last week he had to go to the dentist himself although when he went he was surprised how much it cost to see a dentist it ended up costing him $285 which was not a surprise to me but it was for him.


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