Are you into sport/are you children into sport/no then that is ok

Hello everyone guess what this week I have a topic to write about after a week or so of boring dribble about my life but today while I was out running around doing stuff for Jessica and listening to Michael J Fox’s book Looking Up a topic came to me for this mornings post.

So what am I going to write about, sport, that’s what………………….

I am not a sports person never have been didn’t play sport as a child hated P E at school, hated sport at school, in fact while at high school when I had to do sport I would pick Community Service as my first choice, followed by board games as my second choice and lastly I would put netball only because I had to have three choices and there was nothing else to pick that I would prefer, in fact I remember one year writing on the form can’t I pick reading in the library as a third choice as I do not like sport.

My parents accepted that I was not a sport person, my siblings were more into sport except for my sister Sue I don’t think she was into sport either but then Sue and I are so much alike that it doesn’t surprise me that like me she didn’t like sport.

As you all know I have three wonderful daughters, and none of them have been into sport as a child or as an adult, this has always been ok with me I accepted that they didn’t like sport and I didn’t force any of them to take part in sporting stuff.

At school they all like me picked things that didn’t involve physical activity they had no interest in after school sports and that was ok, in fact two out of three daughters preferred to read just like their mum.

Now I remember my cousins having to play sports of a weekend and after school whether they wanted to do it or not, I remember one of my cousins saying that they would have preferred not to do sport but their mum said they had to, I just can’t remember which cousin it was who said it.

My daughters would also go through stages when they wanted to be outside playing with friends and other stages when they preferred to be inside reading or watching telly instead for the most part I was ok with that. Yes there were times when I would have preferred them to be outside playing and be under foot at home.

So are you a sport person?

Do your children play sport?

Do they like playing sport?

I have never understand why some parents feel they need to force sport on a child, not all people are into sport that is ok we are all different, I would tell those parents to love their child for who the child is they may not be into all the things you are but they are still special in their own way.


7 thoughts on “Are you into sport/are you children into sport/no then that is ok

  1. I love the haiku title of this post. Always love a good haiku.
    Being only tangentially interested in sport, I’ve been the source of mockery all my life from all sides. Sporty types mock me for not being obsessed and memorizing all the names of all the popular athletes and knowing the statistics is also a stock-in-trade. Then again, I had nerdy tendencies and was mocked for not knowing all the facts about Spider-Man or even dabbling in sport. No one likes a dabbler, is what I learned.
    If I had to guess, I think the parents justify forcing their children into sport because they think the teamwork and camaraderie build character and help the child learn by pushing the child out of their comfort boundaries. But not having been one of those children or a parent, that’s just conjecture.

    1. I think that is what parents tell themselves they are pushing the child for the child’s own good, I don’t agree said child may be just find without being pushed into something that isn’t for them

    1. My baby sister and brother also played soccer as children and liked it when they were doing it but out grew it and our parents were just find with that, if you love it great if not then also great

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