Hello Thursday

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Hello Thursday, I for some reason didn’t get around to posting anything yesterday, why, well maybe because it was Wednesday and mum and I went to the nursing home although we went to a different nursing home. Instead of going to see nan as we do each Wednesday we went to see my Aunty Pat instead, in fact mum and I have decided that on the first Wednesday of the month we will go and see Aunty Pat.

Aunty Pat is my dad’s sister his older sister by a year she is 74, dad will be 73 next week, I would like to say that Aunty Pat is well and all with it but that is not the case, her memory is going she asked as many times the same question over and over but neither mum or myself were bothered by this we just answered her as if it was the first time she had asked the question.

When mum was talking to dad about Aunty Pat she mentioned that she had put on a bit of weight I don’t remember Aunty Pat as being a large woman at all when I was a child but that is not the case any more, well what did dad say, he asked if she was a “fat” as mum or as “fat” as me, mum told him the truth she would be larger then either of us. Dad was shocked and asked if mum was sure of course she is sure.

Neither mum or I take much stock about how large a person is we are more concerned with what type of person someone is, not the size of the person’s clothes. I get really annoyed when my dad calls mum fat, I also don’t like it when he calls me fat and many times mum and I have thought that is the pot calling the kettle black, dad has often complained that his shirts do not do up as well as they use to.

When Tim has said something about my size I have mentioned to him that I have gone up about 3 sizes in pants he has gone up 6 or 7 sizes in pants since we have been together and that will shut him up pretty damn quick.

Oh yeah this morning Jessica turned up with Natasha to pick up Blain, I do not remember her telling me she would be taking Leo to school and picking him up this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon as well, she said she did tell me but I really don’t remember. What I do know is that Blain will be happy that we don’t have to get Leo this afternoon as each afternoon he says when he gets in the car do we have to get Leo and when I say yes he gets a bit pissy.

Mum was telling me last night that Dawson has swimming at school and he has to attend and what did Dawson say when he found out, “don’t want to go” mum had to explain to him he has to go he has no say in the matter, it is part of the curriculum so he has to do it. Both mum and I feel if he gives it a go he may in fact enjoy himself.

Ok that’s all for this post I am off to the library to return a book and borrow something else.


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