Hello Sunday and a wet Sunday at that


Hello how is everyone? I am up before anyone else and by anyone else I mean Tim and Leo why is this you wonder, or maybe you don’t wonder but I will tell you anyway, I had to get the casserole on for lunch. I was going to go for a walk but alas it is raining again. I could go back to bed but let’s be honest here I rarely go back to bed once I am up it’s just not me, usually I would be fully dressed too but this morning I still have my nightie on with the pants I will wear for the day so only half dressed.

Last night while talking to mum we were discussing how dad often thinks mum is picking on him and we were wondering if this is one of the first signs of dementia, dad’s memory is really bad it was only a few weeks back that much had to drive him into town for an appointment at the diabetic clinic and yesterday mum mentioned something about it and dad had no memory of it at all. In fact he usually has trouble remembering stuff and has on occasion seriously got the name of one of his children wrong, and has often forgotten who people are like he has asked who is that girl referring to Tina, we have said it’s Tina and he has replied but who is Tina, she is your granddaughter and he will say oh yeah that’s right.

Mum and Sandra have suggested that he speak to the doctor about his memory but he will not he is worried that he will lose his licence, not that he drives much anyone in fact 99% of the time mum is the one who drives. We have told him it may not happen as his friend Wilf has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is still driving but is on medication to help slow the progress of the disease, still will not mention it to the doctor. Mum will often hear her dad saying you will have to have a lot of patience Mavis.

On another topic what is with a couple of my siblings they are so much younger then mum like 30 years younger and have said to mum could she do such and such as they don’t want to do so much raining around as they are exhausted, what the hell, Sandra will complain about Dave taking advantage of mum and Dave complains about Sandra doing the same thing. On Friday Dave had mum pick Landon up from day care because he didn’t want to bugga rise around getting him, really bro do you thing mum wanted to go out in the rain to get him. Please note mum did go and get him and she did it without complaint because that is mum.

Mum is 75 years old she still gets up anywhere between 5.45-6.30 of a morning, she makes breakfast for young children and she will often watch Denni who is 3 while my sister takes her older daughter to school, unless of course mum has to drive Dave’s two girls to school also note that Dave’s girls naturally go to school near their home so that means mum has to drive them back to Wallsend which is a 20-25 minute drive. She also often takes Landon to day care and picks him up. Once or twice a week she has to drive Dawson to work experience often dropping him off then dropping the girls off at school but first dropping Landon off. Mum does all this without complaint.

Dad will often wonder why mum is to tired and worn out by 7pm and wanting to go to bed by 8pm some nights. She also takes care of dad which often involves getting up and down to fetch him stuff like his puffer, his fruit a glass of wine and so on, why because dad will say can you get me such and such and mum will do it she may thing what are your legs broken but she rarely says anything she just does it because to say anything will only piss dad off and it is not worth it.

Then there is all the money that mum “loans” Dave and Sandra I say “loans” because she rarely gets any of it back it is like when I “loan” Natasha money I do not expect to get it back and mum is the same she doesn’t expect to get it back. Why you may wonder well because we are realists and know that they don’t have to money to pay us back most of the time. If you were to add up all the money we give our children in a year we would be able to go on a nice holiday with the money.

Dad will say to mum can you speak to Dave about paying back some money dad has leant him and mum just things why, if he had to pay back he would have done so already, and he is likely to say to mum do you have the money to pay dad back and I will pay you later, later as in never and of course if she can find the money she will do just that, dad things the money is coming from Dave but in fact it is coming from mum.

Ok I am sure Dave may not know that I know all this but honestly me and mum tell each other pretty much everything, so there is little I don’t know and the same can be said for mum and what she knows about my family.

Moving on yesterday I did bugga all during the day, and even had to have a nap around 1.30pm as I was having trouble staying awake I did of course read some blog posts not many only about 24 or so then I moved from the computer to my arm chair to watch some telly.

Yeah I just went and finished getting dressed as I could hear Leo in the bedroom and Tim had gotten up to go to the toilet so felt it is fine for me to go and find a bra and top to wear, now I will post this as I have rambled on about my family and life long enough for this post.


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