It’s Thursday? What happened to Wednesday


Well it is now Thursday and I didn’t do a post yesterday because I forgot, I did, however, go to the nursing home and see my nan and we took with us two little five year olds, Liarna and Temika and they had a ball running amuck up and down the hallways and in and out of nan’s room but unlike some people neither mum or myself resorted to screaming at them, we just took hold of them and told them to stop in a very firm voice. Did it work kind-of they settled down a bit.

While we were there mum and I went through nan’s clothes she has a lot of clothes and she doesn’t wear any of them much now days as she is now bedridden and it is only on some days that the staff get her out of bed, so mostly she is in her nightgown, of which she has a bloody lot.

Mum and I decided to take a few items of clothing that she had that looked near new and not something she would wear even when they get her dressed as it is near impossible for nan to have tops that go over her head, when they put a top on her the staff prefer ones that button up as they are easier to get on. I found a couple of tops that looked new that would fit my daughter Kathy-Lee as they were a size 8 and I can tell you nan is not a size 8 she has never been a size 8 the smallest she has been is a size 10-12 so what was with the size 8 tops I don’t know.

This morning while on my walk and it was a later walk then normal I didn’t leave here till around 8.30am because when the alarm went off at 6.30am I could hear rain so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. What is with us rolling over to go back to sleep why do we not just turn the alarm of and go back to sleep without rolling over and changing our position in bed, I know that I always roll over before going back to sleep, what about others if you turn of your alarm and decide to stay in bed do you have to change positions before you can go back to sleep.

Anyway I was talking about my walk and not about going back to sleep, while I was walking I noticed a number of sparrows diving at people like you see magpies do but these were little sparrows, never seen the do that before, one of my girls noticed them doing it yesterday not sure which daughter it was but I do remember one of them mentioning it.

I cut my walk short this morning as it started to rain again while I was out and I didn’t want to get wet I have been as you know not feeling the best and I really didn’t want to get wet and have to walk in wet clothes and end up well and truly sick so I cut the walk short and came home.

Oh yeah yesterday afternoon Blain was here for about an hour when he asked if he could ring his Aunty Jessica and see if it would be ok for him to go over to her place for the night, this was a surprise. She of course said he could and she was here within 10 minutes to get him, she did, however, say she didn’t have much in the way of food and needed to go to the shops and asked me if I would go down with her and run in so she didn’t have to get the boys out of the car and of course I said I would. All she wanted was ham, bacon, cocktail frankfuts and eggs and she forgot to mention the eggs and I didn’t have my phone with me so she couldn’t ring and tell me and then they didn’t have cheap shortcut bacon so I ended up giving her my bacon an unopened 1kg packet and the rest of my eggs.

Blain should be back tonight though, which as you all know is fine with me we are used to having him here now.

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