It’s Tuesday

It's Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone, I wasn’t sure if I would get around to writing a post today but here I am as you may have been able to tell the last few days I have not been up to doing anything special so all I am doing is writing about my daily life,not that my daily life is all that interesting but what the hell, it is what it is.

It has been raining a lot the last few days, I would have liked to have gone for a walk this morning but when I woke at 6.30am it was pissing down rain and there was thunder along with it so I went back to bed for an hour. However, after I got up it was still raining so no walk today and before I knew it Blain was being dropped off by his mum and thus the chance to go for a walk has now passed.

Due to the wet weather Tim has been taking the car to work in the morning and he was going to take the motor-bike in the afternoon like he did yesterday but instead today he took the car again this afternoon.

Tomorrow Blain is suppose to go to his aunty Jessica’s house while his mum goes to a doctors appointment, but he doesn’t want to go and is complaining but I feel that he will be find once he gets there so Natasha should drop him off as it is only for an hour or so.

Tomorrow I will be going to the nursing home to see my nan with mum and we are taking both Liarna and Temika with us, in fact Temika is super excited to be going to see great-nan. Sandra said she has been asking for the last couple of weeks when can she go and see great-nan at the nursing home.

For some reason I have been feeling so tired, worn out without any energy which is why I went back to bed after my alarm went off and I got up and went to the toilet and realised it was pissing down rain. Since getting up I have really not felt like doing much of anything, although I did go and do some shopping for Jessica and took it to her, why well because she said she didn’t have fuel to do and do it but I think it may have more to do with the fact that she doesn’t like to take Leo shopping with her.

I wonder if I am getting sick with something maybe just a bug of some sort, I guess I will find out in the next couple of days.

6 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday

  1. I’m always amazed how sluggish a cloudy, rainy day can make me. Zaps the energy right out of me. There isn’t sunshine to boost our serotonin levels so we can really drag. I always just want to stay inside and read a book.

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