Kathy-Lee is 30 what the hell


Last Thursday my eldest daughter…….aka……….our precious daughter……….aka………..Kathy-Lee turned 30, what the hell how did that happen, how did I become the mother of a 30 year old.


Anyway I had a party for Kathy-Lee yesterday, there was about 16 people here from both sides of her family, as in her side and her partner Michael’s side, as I invited his parents and brother and sister in-law, his brother couldn’t attend as he is away working.


Michael had gone away camping but it was only 45 minutes away and after Natasha told him off and his parents said something to him he decided he would come back from camping to attend and the whole thing was a surprise for Kathy.

Although she did say at one point she had wondered why I had made so much food and why dad (Tim) had cleaned the lounge room, and by clean I mean he took everything and dumped it in either the spare room or his room/office.


Everyone seemed to have a good time and of course there was plenty of food, as I was up at 6.30am I went for a walk and bought bread and shredded ham they didn’t have diced bacon and after returning home I made a potato bake and a chicken and bacon pasta bake along with home made fried rice, snags and of course bacon.


There of course was cake this cake in fact and it tasted pretty good I bought it from a local supermarket that does cakes so it was both nice and affordable.


I also managed to do 3 loads of washing and change the sheets on the bed, vacuum the house twice, watched 2 children and go for my morning walk. After everyone had left and I was getting sheets to remake the bed, time says you look as bugga as I feel, I look at him and asked him what have you done all day, he said he cleaned the lounge-room and I asked him what have I done all day, he smiles and said everything else.

By then end of the day I was exhausted and I did manage to drink ¾ of a bottle of wine.


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