I’m Back/So let the holiday news begin


Well hello blogland, I am back and we should be resuming normal transmission as from today. I am giving advanced warning that there will be a week or two of holiday related posts so hope that doesn’t bore anyone silly and if it does please feel free to yell at the computer that you have had enough already, not that I will hear you but it might help you feel better…………..just saying.

So Tim and I flew into Sydney on the 31st August, we arrived around 5pm and headed out towards customs but of course before we got there we had to pick up our bags and before that we had to pass through the duty free store.

So as we are passing through duty free Tim has to stop and buy grog that was ok I was going to get a few small bottles of stuff too that I would mostly use as gifts but Tim found this…………

Tim's Voka Use

So I could only get 4 small bottles when I wanted 5 as his big ass bottle took up a lot of our allowed amount to bring in. Even though he says it will take him a bloody long time to drink it we will see I don’t think it will take that long at all, oh yeah it is a 3lt bottle if you were wondering.

We spent that night at the hotel across from the airport and have to say I am so glad we did because by the time we got to the hotel it was about 6pm and I was exhausted so exhausted I didn’t feel like going anywhere to get food to eat. So in the end I just ordered some hot chips from room service cost $8 for a small serve of chips. Here is a photo of said chips.Hot chips

Sauce at Rydges

Let us move on to the following day, Tuesday when after getting up we headed to the airport again to catch the airport train to central station were we caught another train home to Newie, Natasha picked us up from the train station and I picked up both boys from school. Then of course Blain was staying here for the night and Leo also wanted to stay because he had missed his nanna and pappa and of course we said yes he could stay.

Wednesday saw me make a start on the mountain of washing that needed to be done took me two days to get it all washed, dried and put away, which brings me to over packing, everyone always go on about women over packing but in this family it is Tim who over packs and still ends up buying clothes he says he has run out of when in fact if he only looked he would find the clothing item in his suitcase. This trip it was a T-shirt he swore he had run out of T-shirts but when I was putting away the clothes he hadn’t worn I found 2 T-shirts, 4 singlets, 4 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of jeans and 2 pairs of track pants and 2 other pairs of long pants and of course there was 8 pairs of socks and 3 pairs of undies yes that is all the unworn clothes he took…………..

I had 1 top, some stockings and 3 extra pairs of knickers that I had to buy as I did in fact run out of knickers and had to buy extras but that was all.

Well that will do for this post until next time all be happy and be safe

4 thoughts on “I’m Back/So let the holiday news begin

  1. That is the problem with going away o vacation…all the laundry you have to do when you get back. I had to laugh at how many extra clothes your husband took. I think mine would do the same if I let him!

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