Monday and Tuesday in New Zealand


Day three of our holiday after getting up we went to the Antarctic Centre which was bloody great when on a hagglund ride which was awesome, and we saw little blue penguins talk about cute. After lunch we went on Gondola ride and no it’s not on water but think enclosed chair lift and that also was bloody great, I did have a moment on the way up when for some reason I felt a little scared but it pass quickly and coming down no problem all in all a good day.


Ok today was spent driving from Christchurch to Dunedin after checking int the motel we set off to see a castle, yep the only castle in New Zealand and have to say I liked it although Tim wouldn’t let me climb the narrow winding stairs to the roof as he said I would only fall on the way down hate to say it but he was properly right………… This motel room is large and nice and I have just had a shower and will give mum a call in about half an hour, will have to plug this laptop into a power point to charge the battery there is limited power points Tim had to get on the ground and unplug the electric blanket so I could plug my Cpap machine in for the night.


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