Good Afternoon just nothing much today but a post none the less


It is Thursday and I didn’t get a chance to do a post yesterday went with mum to see dad and then we went to see my nan before going to Coles to get a few things, also had to take mum and show her were she has to go to pick Blain up from school on Tuesday afternoon, so never had a chance to do a post yesterday as the day just seem to get away from me.

Today I have been busy washing and even changed the sheets on the bed so Natasha will have clean sheets if she stays here while we are away.

Dad came home from hospital yesterday afternoon he isn’t 100% but then he rarely is 100% but he is well enough to come home, I just hope he doesn’t expect mum to wait on him hand and foot as she has enough to do, of course she will take care of him, she always does but dad has a habit at times of milking it and acting like he is completely useless.

Yesterday my brother asked mum if next week she can take his girls to school and take Landon to day care as both him and his wife will be working, actually he asked mum what days she wanted to take the children and she said any day except Friday and of course Dave says that is the one day we really need you, so she said ok whatever.

Natasha told me this morning that Blain’s father was thinking about taking him next week for at least one, two or even three nights but if he goes to his dads he might go to school as his dad lives a good 45 minutes or more from Blain’s school this is not something Natasha wants she doesn’t like the idea of Blain missing so much school.

I guess since I will be in New Zealand it isn’t something I will be able to do anything about, Kathy has offered to take Blain for a few nights or even most of the week if that is what Natasha wants her to do.

I arranged for Kathy to pick up both boys from school each day next week except for Tuesday when mum will do it as Kathy works Tuesday afternoons and will not be able to do it.

Ok that is all for this post

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