History Tuesday/Internet

old computer

Welcome to history Tuesday today I am going to touch on the history of the internet and internet banking, can you remember what it was like before we had the internet and when it was first available in homes, remember that it was for a long time only available in business and academic institutions.

Do you remember the old dial up, and not being able to use the phone while you were online unless you had two different phone lines in the home on for the internet and one for phone calls, I do but it seems like it was so long ago now.


We had dial up for many years as for a long time after broadband came in now company would touch us as they said that it would drop out too much, in the end Telstra connected up to broadband and we are still with Telstra and for the most part we are happy with the connection although it does drop out at times for now reason.

internet abnking

How about internet banking this is something we think of as a newish thing but in fact it has been around since the early 80’s what the hell is with that didn’t realise it was around way back then. From its humble start online banking has morphed into a sophisticated and convenient way of accessing finances that many us now simply couldn’t live without.

Did you know in the 80’s & 90’s banks would actually mail us a flobby disk with software that we could install onto our computer that allowed us to check our balances and make transfers but usually it cost us to do so, unlike now days when online banking is free of transaction fees as such.

flobby disk

Meanwhile, in other parts of our lives, the internet has been racing ahead. The way we date, shop, contact friends, rent houses and look for jobs has all changed forever. In general, our banks’ websites have not been a patch on Facebook, Youtube, or even Ebay. But all this seems to be changing. It is safe to say the way we interact with our bank on the web is going to be very different in only a few years time.

Now days most of us can’t imagine not having the internet, it is everywhere, schools have it students are expected to know how to use the internet and a computer in fact many children learn how to us a computer and surf the net from a very young age.


Both Blain and Leo are great at finding stuff online sometimes they ask for help but Leo once I have found the right page will tell me that’s ok nanna I have it from here and shoos me away while he does what he wants, plays the games he likes and watches the videos on Youtube he loves to watch.


2 thoughts on “History Tuesday/Internet

  1. I think all kids these days are born with a mobile device in their hand and an inbuilt knowledge of how to use it!! I know it seems like a long time ago, but the banking technology is moving VERY quickly for this older person!!!

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