Is it just me/A Thursday post

thurs dog

Hello all, how is everyone this lovely not so cold but not really warm Thursday or should that read Wednesday depends on where you are.

All you have today is some random thoughts.

How many people have dirty, yucky looking oven trays that they cover in them in foil and continue to use them, or is that just me.

How often do you have a pair of pants that are covered in pill (white bits of stuff stuck to the clothes) that you keep saying you are going to get rid of because no matter how often you depill it they never look good…………or is that just me

Do you wear socks with slippers so the slippers don’t end up smelling……………or is that just me

How about getting easily distracted and end up starting a few different things during the day and not completing one task before starting another………………or is that just me

How many of you have a computer hog for a grandson……………..or is that just me

How about a daughter who is not stepping up and being connected more with the education of their child……………or is that just me

Ok that is all for now I will post this while the computer hog is in the bath……………


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