Hello Monday…………..I wish it was still Sunday

Monday not

Well it is now Monday and of course the weekend flew past in rush as per usual, Monday is suppose to be a quiet day, I don’t go out or do anything much during the day.

That hasn’t been the case though, as at 8.45am this morning Natasha rings me to ask if I would take Leo to school so I had to quickly change my shoes and leave to go get him. Then when I get to Natasha’s house she asks me to take back the new shoes she bought for Blain yesterday and exchange them for a larger size.

So I take Leo to school, pay for his excursion and then head out to Glendale to exchange the shoes only to find out that Kmart at Glendale doesn’t have his size, so had them ring Kotara and ask if that store has them, they did so I have to go to Kmart at Kotara to get his shoes. The shoes he needs for tomorrows performance for his dance festival.

So since getting home I read some blogs and had lunch and now I am writing this, it is another cold day here was a bit wet here this morning and in an hour or so I will have to go and get Blain and Leo from school.

Oh yeah I am sneezing and my nose is dripping and it is driving me bloody batty. As mentioned Blain has a dance festival performance tomorrow night in town at Newcastle Panthers club I wonder why on earth they have to have these things at night in the middle of winter and a good 20-25 minutes from home.

Naturally it will be me and Tim who will be taking Blain as Natasha will be at work she would love to be able to take him but of course she can’t. So this week I am expecting to have Blain all week and Leo on Saturday night.

Well that is all from me for this post, be happy, enjoy life and if it is cold there stay warm if it’s hot stay cool.

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