Just a Monday Post

Ir's Monday

Hello Monday and what a bloody cold Monday it has been, I am thinking I am going to have to try and tell Blain he has to let me do my blog post before he can have the computer during the days he is here. O didn’t get a chance on Friday to do a post as in the morning I was out shopping and in the afternoon Blain was here, he was also here on Saturday as was Leo and my granddaughters Sydney-May and Summer and by the time they all left I just want to put my feet up and watch some telly.

Yesterday Natasha and Jessica with their boys came over for breakfast and when they left Tim and I popped out to the shops for a few things when I came home I read some blog posts then I decided to take a break and watch telly, then before I knew it Kathy was here dropping off Sydney-May, she had a sleep over at nanna & pappa’s house last night and she is still here she will be staying here for the day while her mum is at work, Kathy will pick her up around 2.30pn by that time Blain will be back for the night.

School goes back tomorrow so that means we will be having Blain here 3 or 4 nights a week again he doesn’t like staying at Jessica’s place that much, he does like it at times but he says not that much when he has to get up and go to school the next day, I don’t get what the difference is but he says he likes being here and have to say I don’t mind having him here, same can be said for having Leo I like having him here and the night we don’t have Blain is the night we have Leo sleep over.


Not only is it cold here it is wet I just looked outside and it is raining so I bet Tim is glad he took the car to work today, he has been wanting to take the car more when the weather is cold and or wet and I do understand but unfortunately most days I need the car to pick the boys up from school, so I have told him he can take it if he can bring the car home by midday and take the bike back to work in the afternoon the only days I really go out is Wednesday when I got to the nursing home with mum and on Friday when I go out shopping and I also often like to go shopping on Saturday morning as well.

Also due to Blain hogging the computer I hand wrote a few letters to my pen pals over the last few nights as I was getting a bit of a pile of letters to answer and after blogging and such I found I kept forgetting to answer them.

Tim loved having Sydney-May here for the night he loved that she wanted to sit on his lap and watch telly and when it was time for bed she came in and got into bed with us, she thought it was so warm in between nanna and pappa. She slept all night and has been a good girl this morning at the moment she is drawing behind me and we have had the telly on her shows all morning which is ok with me as I don’t watch much telly in the morning.

I have the heater on and I am still cold what the hell is with that………………………..



4 thoughts on “Just a Monday Post

  1. We have the wetness in common…Come to think of it, that’s probably not the best phrasing.
    I love that you have pen pals. Receiving a hand-written letter must be a bit more, i don’t know, thrilling, than receiving an email or typed note. So maybe there was some good that came of the computer hogging?

    1. We have wetness in common? lol
      I love writing to pen pals, but do most of the letters on the commuter but I do not do standard letters each on is different and relates to the pal I am writing too

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