Things my mum has taught me………………….will it matter

will it matter

I am going to do a number of posts about things that my mum has taught me, or things she has always said that I agree with.

On of those things is that she has already said will it matter in the long run, as a young women I didn’t get it but the older I have got the more I get it and now I usually think to myself does it really matter. Will it matter a year from now, or hell will it matter tomorrow so often the answer is no.

Of course that doesn’t mean I don’t get upset or angry over things that matter in the here and now that is normal, but how upset or mad I get depends on how important it will be tomorrow. I also think to myself a lot that “it’s done” so why bother getting so out of shape about it. Usually we can’t undo things, if it can be undone the do so if it can’t accept it has been done and try and work around it.

It is like going off your head because your child has flooded the bathroom floor when they had a bath or shower, it’s done all you can do is clean up the mess have a chat with your child and explain why it was wrong, if the child is old enough get them to clean up the mess that will help them understand why it was wrong, it is a big mess to clean up.

Going off your brain about it is not going to make the mess not be there and will achieve nothing expect making the child cry and giving yourself a headache.

How are you at letting things go?

Do you replay over and over things that have upset you or made you mad?


11 thoughts on “Things my mum has taught me………………….will it matter

      1. Very true. And stress levels staying high make it all too easy to snap off a sharp response, instead of stopping to breathe–and think.

  1. That is a great bit of advice. The problem is I know and understand it, but that doesn’t stop me from, like you ask, replaying some incident over and over again that upset me five years ago and continues to upset me when I think about it. “Why didn’t I just say this other thing in response!?!” It’s so hard to stop those creeping regrets.

  2. It’s funny, some things are so easy for me to let go, and other things fester in my brain until it feels as though my head will explode. Great question Jo-Anne! ❤
    Diana xo

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