Monday= Flag information

I am pretty sure many people know what the Australian flag looks like but since there are many different flags used here in Australia and yes I know in the past I have done a post about our flags but because on a certificate of participation that Blain got last Friday there was a flag we couldn’t post I have decided to do a couple of more posts about flags.

So I will start this off with the flag we didn’t recognised.

It was this one, anyone know what flag this is, no didn’t think so………….


It is the Torres Strait Islander Flag

It was back in May 1992 that a flag was adopted to represent the Torres Strait Islanders, it was designed by Bernard Namok and the copyright is owned by the Torres Strait Island Coordinating Council.

The green stripes represent the land, the blue stripe represents the sea and the black symbolises the people. The thing in the centre is a Dhari, a dancer’s headress with a 5 point star to symbolise the five island groups in Torres Strait.


4 thoughts on “Monday= Flag information

  1. I’m so glad you said that the symbol in the middle represents a headdress because I thought it looked like a cyclops with a fancy hairdo but I wasn’t going to put that in a comment because there was a large chance that had the potential to be offensive. But, now that I know that it’s a headdress, green light for fancy-cyclops comments.

  2. I knew there was a separate Torres Strait Island flag – but I wouldn’t have been able to pick it out of a line-up OR explain what the colours and symbols meant! Now I know something not many other people know!! Awesome!

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