Yes it’s Monday already and yes I know I have not been here in nearly a weeks time what is with that

Monday not

Ok here we are at Monday and I have been missing from blogland for the last few days ok closer to a week, this is because I have been busy of a morning and in the afternoon Blain has been here and he hogs the computer.

If I am going to do a post I really need to do it in the first half of the day before he gets a chance to hog the computer. He prefers to use my computer over Tim’s which makes Tim happy but not me.

Anyway what news do I have well my washing machine stopped working of Thursday, it was ok on Wednesday when I did a load of washing but Thursday it wouldn’t spin dry the clothes. Now Thursday I was in and out of the house as Leo had to go to the doctors due to him being sick all week and of course when we final take him to the doctor he is fine. Back to the washing machine I threw a load in before going out to shop, when I get home I check it and it is out of balance so I reshuffle the load and we went to take Leo to the doctors when we got home I check the washing machine and it is out of balance again and I do a reshuffle and stand and watch it and it was out of balance again in only a couple of minutes. So I rang the company and someone will be here today to look at it.

I have to go out at 11am to get my new hearing aids so if the washing machine guy hasn’t been here by then I will have to get either Natasha or Jessica to come over and wait here for him to turn up.

Oh yeah on Friday I bought Jessica two new heaters for her house one was a small fan heater the other was a convector heater, well the fan heater she loves the other one she said was useless and returned it to me so I will have to get her another fan heater or she could go and buy one for herself.

So she brings the heater back here and you know what Tim says what are you going to do with it, I said use it and he didn’t saying anything but I could tell he thought we don’t need a heater, the man usually says he doesn’t think it is cold when in fact it is bloody cold.

So that is all for this post, I have already managed to read about 40 odd blog posts this morning, but I was up at 6am to pack Leo’s school lunch and to take his school clothes and school bag over to Natasha’s house so she could get him ready and take him to school.

Being Monday I usually have Leo for the night but Natasha told me this morning that Jono can’t have Blain tonight so instead of Leo I will be having Blain unless I turn into the big old softie and let them both stay the night, we will see how things pan out this afternoon.


6 thoughts on “Yes it’s Monday already and yes I know I have not been here in nearly a weeks time what is with that

    1. Some weeks are more busy then others and with Blain hogging the computer from the time he gets here makes it difficult and yes I know I could kick him off it but I don’t because I don’t

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