Cold and wet afternoon


Here we are on a cold and wet Monday afternoon, I just got back from picking up the boys from school and we have Leo here tonight and Blain is at Jessica’s place with his dad and his brother. His father finds it easier to stay at either Jessica or Natasha’s place as he lives a good 45-60 minutes away now.

Kathy has just rang me to tell me she is changing her clothing style she wants to move into long tops, this I think maybe because she wants to hide her tummy this of course I get as I have a tummy as does many woman


Kathy is also concerned about how high her power bill will be when it comes as she has the heaters going and using the dryer all the time well more them she would like to and of course the cost of power is high generally she thinks her next bill will be around a $1000 but she is doing the right thing and paying $150 a month off it.

I think we all worry about how high our power bill will be, although Tim has a habit of thinking our bill is always so high when in fact it isn’t most people I know have bills around $1000. As I have said in the past I disconnect things like the washing machine, microwave and some other appliances to say money. There was a time I didn’t think that would be something I would do ever but now I do so go figure.

I am not feeling very well again today just achy and tired but nothing serious, I hope I am not coming down with something but it is that time of year I just realised that I have not had my flu shot this year just forgot about it.

Yeah I have no news this afternoon, I am just checking in.


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