Sunday at Jo-Anne’s Place

Ok it is now Sunday afternoon at Jo-Anne’s house, if is a nice quiet afternoon after what was a pretty good day. I was up at 8am and the first thing I did after getting dressed was to peel the veggies for lunch, yeah we had a baked lunch with roast beef, although the roast beef we too fatty for me and wasn’t as nice as my mum makes, I think I will stick to buying a bbq chook when I do a baked lunch.

After lunch Tim and the girls (Tasha & Jess) sat out the front talking for a long time, I ended up going out and joining them it was nice. Then I got Jess to vacuum out for me before they all left. Kathy wasn’t at lunch today as they went over to Michaels brother place for brunch. So since Kathy wasn’t here I sent the left over with Natasha for her to give to Jono, she said that he was going to pick up Blain and it meant that I was able to get rid of them without tossing them in the bin.


This afternoon I even went and had a nap as around 2ish I was feeling so very tired and felt myself falling asleep while watching tv so a nap was needed. Tim woke me when Kathy rang to have a bitch about life.

I then had to do the weekly medications I do them every Sunday afternoon, in fact I think my mum should do theirs of a Sunday but no she does them each morning I just find it easier to do them once a week,like my nanna use to.

Then Tim asked me if I would go to Macca’s and get him a burger with beetroot which is the McOz but for some reason when I got there I forgot what I went for and got him a McFeast instead, oh well he ate it anyway and I had a Quarter Pounder so that is tea over and done with.

So now I am writing this then mum will ring and I will spend half an hour talking to her before putting my feet up and watching telly for a while before I go to bed.


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