Just letting you all know what my last few days have been like


Here it is Saturday afternoon and I am only just getting around to doing a post, yesterday I was flat out like a lizard drinking from the time my feet hit the floor in the morning till the time my body hit the hot water of my bath in the late afternoon.

I wanted to do five things Friday, but I just felt too exhausted to bother yesterday afternoon so instead I will tell you what my last few days have been like. Thursday was spent at home doing nothing much I did of course picked up the boys from school, Friday was busy shopping and picking up grandson’s from school.

I don’t have either boy sleeping over on Thursday’s they stay with Jessica but we have Blain Fridays, however, yesterday when we dropped Leo off Blain ran into the house with him and Jessica proceeded to ask me to go and get food for her & Leo for dinner. The next thing I know Blain comes out and asks if he can stay, I said he could if Jessica was prepared to bring him back later as once I got home I wasn’t going out again, he says no I want to stay all night, so I said it was up to Jessica and she said yes.

I still had to go and get food for them, although I told Jessica I wouldn’t come home and wait an hour and half and go and get food for her but if she wanted me to do it I would do it before I came home. So in the end I went and got Henny Penny for the boys and Chinese for Jessica. Oh for all those who have no idea what Henny Penny is it is like KFC but it is an Australian version.

This morning I went out again to do some more shopping I needed school socks for Leo and yes it should be his mother’s job to get these but I will die of old age waiting for her to get them. However, when I was at Kmart at Westfield they didn’t have what I wanted to I went to Kmart at Glendale instead and thankfully they had socks and some reduced as well so I ended up getting socks for Leo, Blain and me and a dress for Kathy that I will put aside in my gift box.

Now Tim has gone to work and I am home alone waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can peg that out on the line although it does feel like it is going to rain but I will still put it on the line and hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day.


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