Just another Monday

Monday not

It is 10.30am on Monday morning, it is a public holiday here (Queens Birthday) and I woke up tired this morning first time I have done that in a long time but still I was up at 7.30am because I was worried if I stayed in bed I would be the one that Sunrise would ring to win the money but of course they DIDN’T ring me.

We will be having Leo here tonight, and since Tim is on night work this week it will be just me and Leo and for the rest of the week it will be me and Blain.

Yesterday the girls came over for breakfast and Tim was here as well and have to say he liked that I did breakfast he said he really enjoyed it but would have liked it if I had some little sausages can’t remember what they are called but I couldn’t find them when I was doing the shopping as per usual when I want them they are not around when I don’t want them I see them all the time in the supermarket.

Mum was telling me that my dad is so frustrating at times, he has been complaining about the mould on the kitchen ceiling and yes mum knows it isn’t good and should be removed but she can’t do it and truthfully dad can’t either. Dad has a habit of saying that Dave (my brother) should go over and do it but truth is that Dave is busy he works and has his own home and family to take care of. Anyway yesterday dad said he was going to get up and clean the ceiling himself, mum told him if he did that he would be in hospital by nightfall as he is in no condition to get up and clean the ceiling with Exit Mould. Dad has many health problems and even if he didn’t fall off the ladder he would still end up having trouble breathing and very well might end up in hospital. If they had the money mum would pay someone to come and clean the ceiling but the can’t afford it so they just have to wait till someone has the time to go and do it.

I don’t have much news today, mostly because I am so tired and my brain isn’t working very well so I am just going to leave it here for this post.


8 thoughts on “Just another Monday

    1. Me too, I don’t know why he says he is going to do these things, unless it is to try and make someone else do it but since there is only mum there when he says them and she can’t do it I don’t know

    1. When mum was out shopping yesterday dad did the ceiling in the bathroom and said he will do the other rooms while she is out that way she can’t stop him……………stubborn man

  1. Oh no! I hope they can get it cleaned up. My Aunt had it all over their house (which is very common here) & they had to tear the house down to the studs to get it all out!

    1. Pretty common here in parts as well, in the past day always got in and got rid of it pretty quick but his health isn’t good now, although yesterday while mum was out shopping he got in and did the bathroom and said he is going to do the kitchen when she isn’t around too.

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