It’s Saturday…………..and my youngest is now 26


Well it is now Saturday afternoon and what a day it’s been all the girls and grandchildren except Sydney-May who is at her fathers came over for lunch, Tim did fish for himself and the girls because Jessica asked him too and I had steak and we bought $8 worth of hot chips to go with.

Now this morning Blain was looking for his red handball which was behind the lounge so his mum pulled everything out and that set her off on a cleaning frenzy she has vacuum the whole house and cleaned up the bathroom and Tim’s office and then she swept out the front of the house. To stop the leaves being trampled into the house every time someone walks inside.

It was 26 years ago today that my youngest daughter aka my special girl was born at 4.15am, it was a Tuesday. Tim went and bought her a dashcam for her car for those who do not know what that is it is video camera that is attached to the windscreen of the car to record as she drives. He bought one for Kathy last year for her birthday and we have one in our car as well.

Jessica had wanted us to have Leo tonight while she goes out to her friends place and we said we would but in the end Natasha decided to have him instead to give me and Tim a break as we have had at least one grandchild every night this last week.

Leo and Jes

The girls will be back tomorrow around 9am for breakfast, I will be doing bacon, eggs and hash browns.

I have also managed to do 3 loads of washing and get it all on the line as it has been a nice warmish day although I am not sure if it all will dry but we will see.

Well that is all from me for today………………..see you tomorrow

Christmas 2014 (18)


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