Hello Monday

Me 2015 nursing home

Hello Monday, and what a lovely Monday you are too, ok that’s a lie it is cold and wet and all round not a lovely day at all, just saying.

Ok everyone wonder how my weekend was, well it was pretty good, wet but good, I went out on Saturday morning to buy a new vacuum cleaner Kmart had them for only $49, it’s bagless and does the job. I also managed to get myself two lots of socks each lot having 7 socks in them for only $1 each so that is 14 pairs of socks for only $2 and I bought both Jessica and Kathy-Lee a new bra each for only $3 very good indeed.

I had breakfast here yesterday or brunch if you prefer, it was at 10.30am I did bacon, eggs, hash browns and croissants. I decided to have breakfast because I had 22 eggs that were on their way out, I tested them all before using them and had to toss 2 of them as they had gone off, by the time breakfast was over I had none left, I scrambled 18 eggs and fried up two all the eggs got eaten and all but half a slice of bacon went and there was 1 hash brown left out of the 8 I cooked up. I asked the girls if I should do breakfast again instead of lunch and they all said yes, so I will be having breakfast here a couple of times a month. I will just have to make sure I have lots of eggs………..

Yesterday afternoon I felt like making some muffins and then remembered I had used all the eggs so no muffins. I also liked that by 12.30pm all the girls and grandchildren had gone home and I had a quiet house, Tim was at work.

I am starting a new thing for Monday nights since I don’t have Blain on Monday’s (he goes to his dad) I will be having Leo instead so that way I don’t have to have both boys on the same night, although mostly they are ok when I have them both they can and do fight on and off during the night and Leo has said he wants nanna to himself and not have to share with Blain all the time, but that is ok Blain doesn’t like sharing me with Leo either.

On Saturday night Jessica asked me if I would pick her up from the mechanic, she had to drop her car off again this morning and I said I would, so I go out there to get her at 9am ok I was a few minutes late, but when I get there she is no longer there, I ring her she said she wanted me to get her if her sister couldn’t and that she said she would let me know, she didn’t say that at all she said she thought if I did it she wouldn’t have to worry about Natasha doing it. Anyway as it turned out Jono picked her up, I was a little annoyed that I went out there for nothing.

I am getting annoyed that I can’t get my morning BGL down this morning it was 10.8 most morning is it between 9-11 and they have increased my insulin from 16 to 20 to 24 units although I often take 25 units instead of 24 I take it at night before going to bed prior to taking it my BGL is between 12-15 at night, this I would understand if I ate junk food at night or had sweet sugary things but I don’t often it is between 2-3 hours after I have had tea that I go to bed, yes I go to bed early that is just the way it is nowadays. I am also fed up with testing my blood all the bloody time but I know it has to be done. I don’t want my diabetes to get out of hand as I know that is dangerous.

Ok I am signing off for this post, I am looking forward to your comments because I am human and normal and like comments/feedback…………….just saying…………..


5 thoughts on “Hello Monday

    1. I also like it so I am happy the girls would like me to do it more often, for some reason my BGL is 17 now and I have thought and thought about did I eat something that would put it up that high but no I haven’t damn I don’t even have chocolate or ice cream any more and still it is high

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