Monday’s Ramblings


Good morning world, yes it has been ages since I have posted been bloody busy or to tired to bother, please forgive me. So now to update everyone on what has been happening in my life the last few days………….nothing much…………lol

Ok yesterday was Mother’s Day and Tim & I went over to my parents place for breakfast, my brother Dave cooked breakfast for us all. He did this because he cancelled on the Saturday night we were suppose to go out for dinner on the Saturday night but Dave cancelled, Sue cancelled and so there ended up only being mum & dad, Dawson and me. So Dave said he would do breakfast on Mother’s Day to make it up to mum.

After breakfast Tim and I went shopping for a new laptop for him, then we went to Kathy’s for lunch which consisted of roast pork and some roast spuds, with a cauliflower bake and beans. I don’t as a rule eat pork, not a big fan of it and I don’t eat cauliflower or beans, really does the girl no me at all. I did, however, appreciate the effort and the thought.

After lunch we went and looked some more for a laptop for Tim when he bought the last laptop he didn’t take me with him and pretty much bought the first one he looked at, this time I made sure we shopped around and good thing we did the first place we went they stared at $750, by shopping around he managed to get one like mine for only $496 well that was the advertised price he talked them into adding the extended warranty for only $50 so he paid all up $546 for the laptop with 3yr warranty.

I am a shop around person, I prefer to check out the main retailers before buying something that costs a few hundred dollars or more. Tim does too most of the time but he has moments when he just goes to the first place and buys whatever and then regrets paying too much later.

Damn I am feeling like shit today been sneezing a lot and have a stinking headache and I am oh so tired, in short I think I am coming down with something, but since I have to take children to school and pick them up in the afternoon I don’t have time to be sick.

Tim is off work today and tomorrow he has a couple of “rdos” (roster days off), so of course today he wanted to go to the shops at first we decided we would go to Lake Fair shopping centre but they didn’t have what we wanted so he said how about we go to Charlestown Square, this was fine with me but I had to come home and change my pants. I know you are wondering why I had to come home to change well think of it like this the pants I had on are ok for Lake Fair but not nice enough for Charlestown Square, or if I was in America you could say they were ok for Walmart but not Target………………anyway we came home I changed and we went to Charlestown Square so he could get some track pants and a jacket and a new remote for the Foxtel which stopped working the other day and it wasn’t till Tim had to try using it that he decided to go get another one, it would work if you pressed really hard and waved it around.

I just had a phone call from Tasha she wants me to get Blain this afternoon and bring him back here till his father arrives to pick him up, he will stay at Tasha’s tonight with Blain, I wonder if he will drive Blain to school in the morning or if I will have to take him if I have to take him then he maybe a little late as I will take Leo first then Blain as Blain’s school is only a couple of minutes from my place.

Oh yeah I also have to watch Summer tomorrow afternoon for a while not sure why but Kathy asked me too so I will of course.

Ok so I have rambled on enough for this post.

Oh yeah I started writing this in the morning and now it’s the afternoon.


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