Five things Friday……………on Saturday and more


Didn’t get around to doing a post yesterday was far too busy to do so, so here I am on a wet Saturday afternoon at last getting around to doing a post so what am I going to post about well I am going to give you my five things Friday.


Recovering from surgery……………nicely

Two little boys here for the night (Friday night)

Watching YouTube clips, then throwing punches, then back to watching video clips again

Bloody cordless phone


Now let us move onto Saturday what a lovely wet cool Saturday it is, Tasha turned up early to pick up the boys while Tim and I went out to do some shopping, I had to find something for my mum for Mother’s Day anyway when it was time to go to the checkout Tim says to me that he will go threw first and pay for his stuff, I tell him you will have to pay for everything as I have no money I could tell he was annoyed but what the hell I didn’t have any money.

As said it has been a cool/cold wet day, about half an hour ago Tim left for work so I am home alone for the night which is nice. It isn’t going to happen very often now as I will be having Blain most nights a week while his mum is at work.

Thankfully most mornings Natasha will be able to drive the boys to school and I will be the one picking them up in the afternoon. I have decided to have one of the boys stay at the office till I get there so I don’t have to get one out early. I did this on Friday, I rang and asked for Blain to wait at the office for me, however, when I arrived he was standing out the front of the school waiting for me and two office staff came running out looking for him. They see him getting into my car and freak out, I had to wind the window down and yell out “I’m his grandmother, I’m the one who rang”.

So I had Natasha have a talk to both boys about waiting in the office when told to do so, I don’t want them waiting on the side of the road for me as I feel it is not safe, thankfully both my girls and Tim all understand this and agree with me.

Ok that is all I have for today, I will be back with another post tomorrow.


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