Good Afternoon, my special girl is out of hospital

Great tuesday

Good afternoon world, how is everyone on this fine Tuesday afternoon?

I had a somewhat busy morning, taking boys to school, driving Tasha to her job network provider so she could finish off her white card and then I had to go over to the hospital to pick up Jessica. Yes she is home at last but of course she will not be going back to her place for a little while as she is still in pain and finding it difficult to get around, she has been given the all clear to go back to work in a week or two depending on how she is feeling.

I have decided that since I will have to pick either Blain or Leo up early I will arrange with the school that one week Blain will got to the office when he gets out and wait for me and the next week Leo will do it this will start after Jessica goes back to work and that way I will only have to the one boy out only 10 minutes early.

Natasha’s car is now not running at all so Jono has asked a mate to look at it and tell her how much it will cost to get it repaired and if it is too much she is going to sell it as is to whoever wants it and save to get another car.

Blain with parents

So tonight I will have both Blain and Leo here again and Jessica as well so hopefully they will not fight, they do have a tendency to fight when together for any length of time.

Oh yeah I woke this morning at around 3.30am to go to the loo and when I got back to bed and checked the time I woke Tim and said don’t you have to get up, he looks at his clock and says no not yet, well I thought he said he had to get up at 3.30am but I was too tired to argue with him, well I get a text from him saying he overslept 45 minutes and I replied thought so.

Jessica just went off at me because Leo still likes to sleep with nan & papa I do try to get him to sleep in the spare room and some nights he will go to sleep in there but still ends up with me and Tim at some point during the night.

Leo and JesI hope Jessica gets her car back soon it has been in the shop being repaired for over 2 weeks now closer to 3 weeks in fact.

8 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, my special girl is out of hospital

  1. You must be so happy to have Jessica well and with you once again, just like in childhood. Don’t worry if children yell at you when things go bad with them. We do it all the time, and it doesn’t mean anything except that sorry mom, I know I am being mean but I am just frustrated that things aren’t going my way. So what she will need is a good big hug from her mamma.
    Susie ( another daughter who yells at her mother all the time)

  2. I’m exhausted for you. You should be able to list yourself on Linked in as “Personnel Manager,” with all the people and things you’re helping to juggle. I’d hire you.

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