Jessica's house after storm (5)

Ok I have some news to share, my daughter Jessica was operated on yesterday afternoon, she is recovering ok still has drainage tube in her stomach but is off the pain-relieving drip but still not feeling that great, she doesn’t know when she will be home as yet. However, that is probably a good thing as this is what her front lawn looks like and her street is without electricity and the street is still cornered off due to fallen trees. Leo of course is here and he is fine not distressed in any way about his mum not being here and being in hospital.

Jessica's house after storm (14)

In other news some may have heard about the elderly lady who was killed in Maitland due to her car being swept away in flood waters. Well it turns out the woman is my sister in-laws grandmother, so her family are shocked and sadden by this, they were worried yesterday about her when they saw the car on the news and realised it looked like her car, so they tried to ring her and were unable to contact her.


Jessica's house after storm (4)

This is a photo from Facebook of Sydney harbour bridge, thought it was a wow photo so sharing it as well.

Sydney harbour bridge

Natasha is working five nights a week at her new cleaning job and either me or Jono have Blain while she is at work,he is suppose to be picked up by his dad this afternoon sometime I don’t know when though I was told between 4-5pm but it is now 5.10pm and he still isn’t here.

Jessica's house after storm (8)

Blain will be off school till Monday while they continue to clean up the school after the storm, Leo went back to school today but there are a number of school still closed till Monday.

Jessica's house after storm (11)

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