Wet, Windy, Cold and in hospital


Here I am on a very wet, windy and cold Tuesday afternoon at last writing a post for the day, and what a day has it been, some of you might here on the news about the terrible storm that has it the Hunter Valley today and yes I live in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle is part of the Hunter Valley it is the lower part of the Hunter Valley.

Now let’s go back to last night, that is when the bad weather started and my daughter Jessica was yet again in a great deal of pain and I had no car so was unable to go to her, it got that bad that she managed to drive herself here, yes she had rung the ambo’s but the paramedic told her it was stress and muscle pain and did nothing. Well after about an hour my niece Kelli turned up to drop Blain off for the night while Tasha was at work, and because Jessica was in so much pain screaming and crying she decided to take her to the John Hunter Hospital (our main hospital).

This morning I woke up to a note from Kelli that said Jessica had been admitted to the hospital and would tell me more later. Seems Jessica has pancreatitis and will need her gallbladder removed, that hopefully will happen tomorrow. More about that later.

Power lines

Back to the weather it has been very bad here, Tasha went to Jessica’s place to meet some guy who was suppose to be picking up the work van, (he never turned up) and while there the tree next to the van was uprooted and the power lines came down. The tree missed Natasha by centimetres and gave her a terrible fright, all she could thing was that if it had hit her it would have killed her, she managed to get her car out of the driveway and came back here very shaken up and crying.

When Kelli went back to pick up some clothes for Jessica the road was closed and the SES would not let her pass.

Jes tree

Tim rode the motorbike to work this morning silly man, and wanted me to go and get him at 7.30 tonight but at 4pm he walked in the door, another driver drove him home as all the buses had been pulled off the road. I will have to drive him to work in the morning and he is hoping that by the time he knocks off it will be ok and he will be able to ride the bike home safely.

road closed

9 thoughts on “Wet, Windy, Cold and in hospital

  1. Oof, pancreatitis is rough. Screaming pain is an apt descriptor. The weather has to be real bad if they stopped mass transit. Sounds like things are getting hairy over there. I hope things calm down for you and yours soon.

  2. Ok somebody needs to complain to the ambulance people about diagnosing over the phone and not picking her up – heads need to roll Jo-Anne, that’s totally unacceptable behavior!

    Stay safe all of you in that crazy weather! ❤
    Diana xo

    1. I know you would have thought she would have been taken to hospital, she should be operated on this afternoon and we are hoping that after that she will no longer have these attacks

  3. OMG, y’all had a day!! I wish your daughter a speedy recovery. I also hope the weather lets up soon! We have had some nasty weather in Houston but not that bad.

    Y’all need to follow up with the paramedics too, they should send out an ambulance no matter what!

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