Hey hey it’s Saturday, with Five things Friday and my grandchildren


Hey hey it’s Saturday yes it is now Saturday morning around 11.15 in my part of the world and have to say yesterday was one hectic day. I did the usual Friday stuff but for some reason I forgot to get tomatoes and onions and frozen pizza for Tim this of course pissed him off, but you know what pissed me off, it was him saying that I never think of him ever. Yeah Tim that’s right I never think about you what a load of shit.

Anyway around 2pm Tasha dropped off Blain and Leo and around 3pm Michael dropped off Sydney-May and Summer, yes I had all four grandchildren last night and this morning. Although Natasha picked Blain up early around 8ish and Jessica is here now but Kathy will not be here to get the girls till around 1.30pm.


Well are you wondering what my five things for Friday would have been, no, to bad going to tell you anyway.





Chaotic house

Oh yeah before I go I will tell you that at 10pm last night I had to ring Kathy-Lee as Summer started to cry at 9.30pm and would not settle down she was working herself into a right state so I ended up ringing Kathy and Michael came straight out and picked her up and took her home, he brought her back this morning around 8.30ish.

All the little ones were pretty well behaved and this morning Sydney-May has been outside playing with the neighbours children and Summer has been going outside and coming back inside and out again watching telly on and off.

I will soon see if I can get Summer to have a nap.

My Family

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