Tablet taking


Medication, how do you like to take it, do you prefer tablets or medicine?

If you are taking a heap of tablets such as between 10-20 tablets at a time do you like to take them one at a time or do you split them up into 3 or 4 at a time, or maybe you just split the amount in half or do you take all of them in one go.

Last week my sister Sandra was giving her daughter Temika a small 10mg phenergan tablet well poor Temika drank three glasses of water trying to get the tablet to go down and after each drink Sandy would say is it gone and Temika would poke her tongue out and the tablet was still there. After the third glass of water Sandy cracked up and said “that’s ok Jo” Temika replied “I’m not Aunty Jo” Sandy told her I know sweetheart but when Aunty Jo was little like you she was unable to swallow a little blue tablet either and just like has happened to you the tablet would dissolve on her tongue.

This is true I was unable to swallow tablets for many years I was in my late teens when I was able to swallow tablets without much drama, nowadays, however, I can throw back 15-20 tablets and swallow them in one go.


I have said jokingly that if I was to want to overdose on tablets I would be able to do it pretty easy as I have no trouble swallowing a heap of tablets and lets be honest here if I had a bottle of sleeping tablets and wanted to overdose on them I would just take the whole lot in one go. Don’t worry I have no interest in doing that, I also don’t take sleeping pills in fact my doctor wouldn’t give them to me even if I asked.

Leo takes his medication by us dissolving the tablet in a small amount of water, he is good at taking his medication thankfully.

Tim takes only 4 tablets a night and has to take them one by one, damn I would just take the whole lot in one go, I take a total of 20 tablets at night a mixture of prescribed medication and vitamin tablets and I take 10 at a time, I could take them all in one go but don’t like to take a few of the tablets too early as they make me very sleepy. Thankfully I only take between 8-10 tablets of a morning and I take all them in one go.


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