Sunday at my place


Do you wear an apron?

I do usually on the weekend when I am cooking for the family, I think many people nowadays don’t but I may be wrong about that so I am putting the question out there and we will see what others say.

How about paper on the kitchen sink or bench, on which you place rubbish to be wrapped before thrown in the bin.

I do, I remember my great aunt Joyce use to have paper on the kitchen bench and now I do.

When you peel vegetables do you peel them onto paper, or into the sink or maybe you peel them straight into the bin? I prefer to peel them onto paper or into the bin my mum likes to peel them in the sink under running water that I find annoying.

The girls were here early and as such we had an early lunch more like brunch, this was because I said tell me when to cook lunch and they said now please so I did, now I wonder how much longer they will stay here, not that I am bothered by them being here, although if I knew they would be here so early I wouldn’t have had breakfast oh well I will not eat again till late this afternoon.

Now they are having an argument about parenting styles and giving me a headache., trying to change the topic didn’t help. Now though they are all leaving and I will have a quiet house and it is only 12.15pm.


4 thoughts on “Sunday at my place

  1. I don’t wear an apron, but if I am wearing something that I don’t want to get dirty I will slip an oversized shirt on. As far as peeling, I have been buying red skin potatoes, in which I leave the skin on and haven’t had to peel anything in a while. When I do peal I use a pairing knife and do it on a cutting board so I can throw the scrap away and rinse off the veg. Its nice to cook early – we do an early Sunday dinner at my house! Its great, all the work is done and then you can relax!!

    1. I like to leave the skin on my spuds at times but my daughters and Tim don’t like the skin on at all ever, so always have to peel them. Yes it is nice to get the meal over and done with early and have the rest of the day to chill doing nothing

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