Hey Hey it’s Saturday


Hey Hey it’s Saturday, now I am starting this at 7.40am and will write about my day during the day and let’s see how we go, first thing I just took my morning tablets and for some reason they wouldn’t go down and I had to spit them out now I have a terrible taste in my mouth. So I have popped in a fresh mint to get rid of the taste. I am busy reading blogs as I do each morning, well I try to spend a couple of hours reading blogs of a morning, some days of course I don’t have the time.

Just had to go down and bank some Avon money and pick Tim up some money bags, he has only been asking me to get them for a month.

I don’t have much planned for the day, Kathy just rang and said she would be over this afternoon to talk to her dad about something.

I spent a bit of time researching my grandfathers RAAF service recorded during WW11took a while but found something, he was a leading aircraftman and enlisted by lying about his age which on one site has it listed as the 4th October 1924 but on another it says 10 April 1924, this is the one we all know he used so not sure where the 4th October date came from.

Anyway it is now 3.20pm I just had a lay down for about an hour, didn’t sleep just laid in a dark room but when I heard Tim’s motorbike I got up and decided to finish this off and post it, not much happened today but that is ok we all need nice quiet nothing happening days don’t we. Tomorrow the girls and grandchildren will be here for lunch I have already taken the steak out of the freezer, yeah I am doing steak and veggies for lunch.


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