Monday catch up……………………….no it’s Tuesday…………..what the hell


Hi all for some reason I didn’t get around to doing a post yesterday, I don’t know why that happened after spending a couple of hours first thing in the morning reading blogs I decided to make a start of answering my mail.

Well around midday Tim said he wanted to go to the local hotel to have a couple of beers and place a couple of bets on the ponies, he has never wanted to do this before in his life. That said we went after sharing a bowl of chips and gravy I was pleased that the gravy came in a small jug on the side as I don’t like soggy chips, after watching one race I left him there and came home and but my feet up and watched a recorded show on the telly and then Tim rings for me to go and get him.

Then just after getting back Kathy-Lee and Summer turned up, Kathy wanted some arts and crafts stuff for Summer to use and I had a bunch of scrap-booking stuff I didn’t want, so I gave that to her.

By then I had started to feel unwell and Jessica turned up with Leo, he stayed here last night to give her a break, no one took my girls to give me a break but I am a big softy and will take my grandchildren when asked. We will have Blain on Wednesday night, we have never had Sydney-May and Summer but that will change on the 17th when we are suppose to have both girls for the night and the following morning.

Tim is on late starts this week so he is in bed at the moment, he will have to leave around 9.30am for work and I will take Leo back to his mother around 10am and then I should have a quiet day.

In other news Natasha has advertised her car for sale, she wants around $3,500 but she will be lucky to get $3,000 but I said no harm in first advertising it at a higher price so she has advertised it for 4,000 to start with. It is on so we will see how she goes.

As far as I know my sister Sandra and bro in-law still want to buy Jessica’s Falcon for $1,500 but she wants the money paid in one go and not have it paid off as she has been burnt in the past with people saying they will pay something off and her not getting all the money in the end so she will not do that again.

Well that is all I have for today’s post, I know it may not be the most interesting of posts but such is life, well such is my life since this is what the post is about my life.

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