Sunday at my place


Welcome to my Sunday, it has been truly a lazy Sunday. I have spent most of the day watching telling after blogging for a couple of hours this morning and doing a load of washing. Thankfully it has been a fine day and all the washing dried on the line also after a few weeks of having my washing machine not spin drying the clothes I have figured out what to do. Last week when I did the washing I did a small load of just Tim’s work shirts and pants and that load spun dried so this time I tried doing a couple of small loads and yes that worked so now I know to do small loads instead of a large load.

Tim has been at work all day and I have just chilled doing very little I like days like this, tomorrow Tim is off again so not sure what we will be doing.

Yesterday I had all the girls and grandchildren here for lunch, I did a beef casserole as requested by Jessica, at the time I was dishing up Tim said he didn’t feel like anything and would have some later. Well what did he do after a few hours he decides he doesn’t want any casserole as he doesn’t like casseroles, so I ended up having the last of it for tea.

Also last night it was quiet cool here and I would have been fine in my nightie and ¾ pants but Tim decided it was hot, meaning he was hot and wanted the front door open, so I had to go and change my pants into some long pants.

I was also annoyed when at 7pm he said you’re going to bed so I will pick something to watch I was like I am not going to bed right now. I hate it when he says things like this it really pisses me off but it was ok we watched the old Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz movie The Long Long Trailer.

So that is all I have for today’s post


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