Thursday Catch Up


Hello everyone, what a couple of days I have had, on Tuesday I went out to Sydney-May’s school on Tuesday afternoon for her Easter Hat Parade have to say I am glad that she walked past us during the parade as we were sitting near the back. She had a dance act as well but during the act she was at the back behind a girl much larger then her, remember Sydney-May is a tiny little thing so it was impossible to see her dance. Michael took some video of her dancing but it turned out shit all grainy and really you couldn’t see anything. It was also Leo’s Easter Hat Parade on Tuesday but I couldn’t split myself in two and go to both, so had to give Leo’s a miss this year.

Yesterday it was Blain’s Easter Hat Parade, and yes I went to that, but before that I went to see my nan, but before that mum had to take Landon to day care, Kayla and Liarna to school and then we went to the nursing home. Since it was raining in the morning and had been raining pretty much most of the night mum told Dawson that she thought it wouldn’t be wise to go to work experience, he does lawn mowing and thought that the ground would be too wet to mow. If she had the guy he does it with she would have rung him but she didn’t since her phone is in being repaired and she is using a back up phone.

Oh yeah yesterday I had the lights on in the car, I usually have them on auto so they turn off when I turn the car off but when I was sitting outside Blain’s school waiting for Natasha to turn up I forgot to turn them off and must have had the car on accessories as when Natasha turned up she tells me I have my lights on what the hell, I turned them off and tried the car and of course it wouldn’t start. I told Natasha I would do something about it after Blain’s parade, which I did I rang the NRMA and they came in less then 20 minutes to start the car. The guy who came told me I should leave the car running for an hour or more so I did even though I thought it was a bit long but still I did it and of course when I told Tim how long I left it running he said what the hell you should have only needed to run for say half and hour, oh well it is done now and it hopefully should be ok today when I go out to take Leo to his dentist appointment.

As I said Leo has a dentist appointment this morning he needs two small fillings, so I don’t think he will be off school today and today is the last day of term one so he will be off for a couple of weeks.

I hope it all goes well for him at the dentist, although the guy he is seeing is super nice.

In other news Tuesday night I was so sick with a headache and reflux that I was in bed at 5.15pm, in fact at 4.20 when I went to have a bath I felt fine, by the time I got out of the bath I felt like shit and by 5.15 I could barely function so I said to Tim if I go to bed will you be ok with Blain, he of course said what it is only 5.15 but I said I felt that sick I just had to go to bed. Well at 6.30 I was up throwing up in the bathroom and Tim was so concerned coming in and rubbing my back and bringing me water. After I threw up he tells me to go back to be with concern in his voice.

I see the gastro specialist on the 15th and the diabetic specialist on the 11th so I am hoping to get some answers, when I saw the doc on Monday he didn’t want to give me anything different for the nauseousness instead telling me it would be better to see what the specialist has to say. I get that I just am so fed up with felling nauseous all the time and throwing up at least once sometimes twice a week.


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