Five Things Friday……………..parking


Damn it is Friday again, as you may have noticed I didn’t do a post yesterday, why you wonder, ok you properly didn’t wonder but I will tell you anyway. I was run off my feet yesterday, I had Summer all day and had to take Leo and Jess to the dentist, Leo had an appointment to check his teeth and his mum couldn’t take him on her own so I had to do it. It was just one thing after another all day and it was last night when I was in bed that I remembered I didn’t do a post. So you all missed out on Motivation Thursday, but now it is Five things Friday, so here we go.

Complimented on my parking skills, not once but twice today

I can’t drive into a parking spot very well

I can, however, reverse the car into any spot

Both Blain & Leo here for a couple of hours, hope they don’t fight

Felling so tired I could go to sleep now, it’s only 4.21pm……..what the hell

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