A rainy Sunday

Rainy Sunda

Well it is now Sunday at my house again, this Sunday we had a mince stew for tea, I asked the girls what they would like for lunch and Kathy & Jessica said a chunky beef casserole but I felt like a mince stew. My mince has veggies, tin potatoes and about 2 cups of frozen veggies with bacon and 2 minute noodles it is nice and thick and I like it I add cream of chicken soup mix as well as beef stock.

After lunch it started to rain so I went out to get the clothes off the line before they got too wet and threw them into the dryer to finish off. It was a nice heavy down pour with hail about 1cm in size, it didn’t last too long and all the girls and Blain & Leo had to go out the back to watch the rain and hail.

Kathy and Summer just left and I just told Jess and Tasha that I don’t want them to stay all afternoon, Jessica also asked if next week I will do the casserole she wants but I may tell them I will not be having lunch next weekend but we will see I am not sure about next Sunday I will decide next Friday if I am going to have lunch or not.

Both boys had ice cream after lunch and even though she didn’t ask for any I gave Summer ice cream as well all had cones and and I can tell you Summer made a right mess out of herself but I think she liked it and I only gave her a tiny bit of ice cream. Kathy when she notice says “mother you gave her ice cream”. I just had both boys ask me for another lot of ice cream and I was good I told them they had to ask their mothers first which they did and now they both have bowls of ice cream.

Tim has Natasha trying to help him figure out how to draw on photos on his phone, this is not something I know anything about so I am glad that he can ask the girls, Natasha just gave up and tossed the phone to Jessica to have a look at it, they are in fact tossing his phone back and forth trying to figure it out for him.

Have to say it has become a lot cooler then it was when I got up this morning I am thinking I might have to go and find a pair of long pants to wear as my legs are getting cold. Tim wants us to go down to Coles also which I will suggest we do soon as I really just want to spend the rest of the day doing nothing much at all.


7 thoughts on “A rainy Sunday

  1. Jo-Anne, what does mince mean in relation to stew? Wow you had hail! Winter is a-coming for you I guess, right? You should have one of your girls make lunch next Sunday and invite you over for it! ❤
    Diana xo

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