Motivation Thursday………….Being a woman

Being A Woman

For so many people the above will ring true, but why……….

I feel that in many cases a woman is her own worst enemy, I know I am.

I have had many times when I have thought I have failed my child or children in some way, but they don’t think so. So why do I?

This is a question I cannot answer, I don’t know the answer.

I know I do my best for my family and I always try to be there when they need me and step up when asked to help but there are times when I have to say no I can’t help I have other plans and usually when I do this I will get but can’t you change your plans, I really need you mum do you have to do such and such can’t it wait and me being me will often give in and change my plans but if I can’t I get “fine don’t help me then” this upsets me and makes me feel like I am failing.

I know that I am no but I can’t seem to change how I feel and I will become depressed and sad and sometimes I will even cry because I feel so bad. Even when the daughter in question tells me she didn’t mean it and she understands I am busy it doesn’t help I still feel terrible.

Also who do we say a woman has to think like a man, what the hell is wrong with the way a woman thinks…………nothing if you ask me

Many women feel it is wrong to age and have grey hair and some lines or even wrinkles on their body it is not it is natural.

As for working like a horse well yeah all women do that if we are married and have a job we usually end up still being the one doing 90% of the housework because men don’t and even often if we have a man who is willing to do some of it we will complain they have not done it “right” as in our way as if our way is always the right way. We hate it when a man acts like his way has to be the “right” way but in fact many women when it comes to household chores feel that their way is the “right” way.


10 thoughts on “Motivation Thursday………….Being a woman

  1. Great thoughts Joanne — I remember when one of my daughters was a preteen and someone commented, Oh look. She runs just like a girl.

    I replied. Duh. She is a girl and she runs great! 🙂

  2. A woman is indeed many things to many people. I was blessed with a husband who did help around the house and let me “nag” him when he did things “wrong”. But while I was busy inside the house he was always busy outside the house caring for the yard, cars and any little fix it up job around the house. That said, a woman who is busy with her family, home and sometimes an extra career is also blessed by our God who created us and equipped us to be mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and best friends – sometimes I needed reminded of that over the years. Our worse enemy is indeed one of the many things we are! 🙂

  3. Wish there was a way I could help you not be sad when you can’t help out your kids occasionally. You’re a good wife and mum Jo-Anne, ain’t nothing wrong with you. ❤
    Diana xo

  4. I actually think that part of being a good parent is helping your children achieve independence once they become adults. It’s great that you are able to – and want to – help out, but you are no longer responsible for your children once they’re adults – or is that just me?? From reading your blog, I can’t see that you have failed your children at all – you’re a great mum and grandmother, and I’m sure they can all see that too 😀

    1. Thank you, I have raised three pretty independent girls, two of them are very independent and thanks to daughter number two daughter number three is becoming more independent all the time and yes I do like that and yes I am proud of there independence

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