Tuesdays Crap

It's Tuesday

What a day I have had, started out with Leo wrapping his arms around me at the school and not wanting me to leave him this morning, his teacher pride him off me and I quickly left, at least he wasn’t crying out for me as I left this morning.

Ok that wasn’t the start of the day, the start was when I got up and went to the kitchen to take my injection and when I opened the fridge the light didn’t come on so I go and check the circuit breaker and it had been tripped and I flicked it back up and what happened if flicked off straight away. So I rang the Dept. oh Housing maintenance line and said we had no power in the kitchen. While I was at the school someone came to check it out, thankfully Tim was home he is one afternoons this week. When I asked Tim what was wrong he said the guy said it was the kettle or microwave that tripped it and I said not possible as they were not even plugged in so that wasn’t the cause. Oh well we still have power in the kitchen so all good.

Then when I get home Tim says he wants to go and do some shopping to stock up oh stuff, so we did that spent around $190, Tim likes to do this a couple of times a year and I am ok with it as well.

Being Tuesday night we have Blain here for the night, so it is just me and Blain as Tim is at work but Blain is a good boy and no problem while he is here. Although he does have a habit of staying up super late, as I go to bed early and he will just sit up watching telly and I will not be surprised if he is still awake when Tim gets home at around 11pm tonight. He knows he is suppose to go to be at around 8.30-9pm but since no one is up to tell him to go to bed he just stays up till he is tired.

He also has a lot of ice cream when he is here, but he also eats his dinner without complaint so I don’t worry about how much ice cream he has.

As I type this Dr Oz is on and you know what he talks a lot of rubbish, like Dr Phil some of what he says makes sense and sounds like good advice but some of what he says if crap.

I know that being overweight is not good for a person but if a person is happy with who they are and they are for the most part healthy stop going on about a persons weight. Just saying it annoys the crap out of me, maybe because I am a short fat woman.


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays Crap

  1. Leo wrapping his arms around you is kind of sweet. But, yeah, I can see the emotional toll that may take. So, you still don’t know what was wrong with the electrical power? That’s frustrating. Finally, I agree with your assessment of both TV pseudo-doctors, and yeah, if someone has somehow made peace with their body size/type, leave them be. We should all be so secure with our body (I certainly am not).

    1. I am happy with how I look most of the time but at times when some people tell me I am fat and look terrible it can get me down but most of the time I am happy with who I am………..

  2. Ugh, Dr. Oz is the worst – especially b/c Congress even called him out on his whole fake weight-loss drugs, which you know is the only reason he body shames everyone in the first place is to get them to give him money! And I hate stuff like the electrical power shortage reason – b/c now you’ll never know!

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