Sunday at my place

Sunday 1

Hello world, it is Sunday afternoon at Jo-Anne’s place, today I had Natasha and Jessica with Blain and Leo here for lunch, Blain was a surprise as he is usually at his fathers place on the weekends but last night he stayed at Jessica’s so she brought him to lunch and Natasha was pleased to see her son. Lunch wasn’t much just did chicken tenders not home made Ingham’s chicken tenders with bacon and potato bake. Leo

Now I wish they would leave as Jessica is being annoying, calling out mum every few minutes for no reason just to be annoying. After lunch the boys had ice cream cones, 2 cones in fact and I ad apple crumble with custard.

I have also done 2 loads of washing and changed the sheets on the bed and of course vacuum the house, I want to write a few letters this afternoon after I have read some blogs I will not be reading a lot of blogs as I have other things I want to do this afternoon.

In other news yesterday I bought Leo another pair of school shoes, in fact this will be the third pair of shoes he will have had this year and school has only been back 2 months yes 2 months and he gone through 2 pairs of shoes, the latest pair I bought are a better quality so I am hoping they last longer then a few weeks.

Blain school photo 2014 yr 3

Oh yeah on Friday night Jessica and Leo called in to eat Macca’s before it went cold and have to tell you I was so tired that at around 7.30pm I went to bed and left Tim, Jessica and Leo up well Leo didn’t want to leave so Tim gave in and let him stay the night, this would have been ok if Leo had settled down and went to bed at a reasonable time but of course he didn’t and he was up half the night. I do mean half the night at 12.30am I gave him a second dose of his medication, which Jessica told me I shouldn’t had done but he was so active that I had to do something.

Anyway as I was saying he was up half the night and got into the junk food and made a right mess of the house. Also before I went to bed I had to clean up the mess he made by stabbing Tim’s cast of wine with a pair of scissors the was wine all over the floor a full 4 litre cast was spilled all over the floor this is the second time he as done that to a cast of wine and have to say both Tim and I were mad.

Tim of course went to bed and went to sleep so it was me who had to get up to Leo during the night all Tim did was say turn the light out over and over again, oh at one point he said if you don’t settle down Leo I am going to ring Aunty Tasha and then of course he fell back to sleep and so it was me who was mostly awake trying to make sure Leo didn’t try to go outside the house.

I will be glad when the girls and the boys leave and the house is quiet again……………..

TAsha and Blain


7 thoughts on “Sunday at my place

  1. LIked the post.

    Such a nice blend of intentions ( your doing all those chores you have written of) and dreams ( for all those little boys and girls). The challenge in our lives is how we could align our intentions with our dreams…..


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