Sunday at my place

Sunday girl

Well it is now Sunday afternoon and I am feeling much better today, I woke up at around 2.30am and felt fine which is good because I cooked a baked lunch and what is better is that our air conditioner is in the kitchen because today we have temps in the high 30’s. All the girls came to lunch with Leo and Summer, Sydney-May and Blain are at their fathers.

Tim and the next door neighbour Kevin have been working on Tasha’s car for the last few afternoons and all day today, in fact Kevin has been a big help to Tim and no one asked him to help he offered. After we get the car repaired Natasha is going to try and sell it privately and she has he on/off boyfriends car in her back yard and she told him to either come and get the car or she is getting rid of it he said she could get rid of it so she is going to try and sell it for a few hundred dollars and then she is going to see about buying herself another car. She said she would like something smaller and cheaper to run.

Speaking of cars our car is still not running right, in fact Tim drove it to work yesterday and came home and told me he doesn’t think I should be driving it till he gets it repaired so I am expecting him to drive it to work tomorrow and have someone look at it. It still sounds like it is missing and will just stall at any tick of the clock.

So I will have to rely on Natasha to take Leo to and from school again next week this is really bloody annoying but it can’t be helped we need to get the car fixed and Tim is worried if we drive the car we may do more damage to it and he doesn’t want that to happen.

Oh yeah this Wednesday coming I won’t be going to see my nan as the nursing home is in lock down and mum has an appointment at the hospital for physio on her neck. Ok that is all from me for this lovely Sunday afternoon I will now post and retire to my arm chair to watch some telly for the rest of the afternoon.


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