Thursday’s News

thurs dog

Good morning all on this lovely warm Thursday morning, guess what I overslept this morning, first time I have overslept in ages. I woke up to the phone ringing, it was Blain wanting to know where nanna was, I quickly got dressed and left to get Leo to take him to school.

While he was sitting in assembly he didn’t look good and I called him over to see what was wrong, he said he thought he was going to vomit and had a headache, the teacher came to see what was wrong and she told Leo that if he continued to feel sick the school would ring nanna to go and get him but the time being he could go and help another teacher with some stuff. So far haven’t heard from the school so here’s hoping he is ok.

My car is running but still doesn’t sound great, but at least I have a car I can drive if it continues to sound like it is missing I will speak to Tim and see what he says.

You know what as I sit and write this I have a headache as well, so I am taking something for it. Ok I just walked into the laundry and I could smell bleach…………what the hell…………I think I might have used the bleach and water spray instead of the pre wash spray on Tim’s shirts I can’t do anything till the machine is finished, bloody hell I am hoping it will be ok and I haven’t ruined his shirts. I usually have the bleach and water spray in the bathroom not the laundry which is why I think I made the mistake.

I picked up the parts for Natasha’s car yesterday morning, mum drove me to get them on the way to the nursing home to see nanna. So now Tim and some guy from work have to find the time over the next few days to work on it and get it going.

Motivation Thursday will be back next week I just felt like telling you about my morning today.

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