Monday’s Report

Monday not

Hello Monday, what happened to Sunday, seems I forgot to write a post on Sunday, I did read about 40 blog posts but then sat down to watch telly and didn’t get back to write a post, sorry for that, but I am here on this lovely Monday morning.

As most of the world will know there was a couple of cyclones here down under Marcia and Lam, neither of them were anyway near me, thankfully and none of my family were affected. The army has moved in to help with the clean up in Yeppoon and Rockhampton many homes are still without power although crews are working around the clock trying to get power back to homes and businesses. In Rockhampton generators were set up at traffic lights to keep them working and you know what happened some asshole went and stole them.

On the news here today is a lot of news about the Oscars, you know I don’t watch award shows, never have enough time to waste doing so, for many years I use to watch the Logies which is Australia’s television award show but I don’t even watch them any more I can’t stay up that late any more. Do you watch award shows? If so which is your favourite?

Tasha has came and picked Leo up to take him to school, as Tim doesn’t want me to drive my car, the reason well it is missing and sounds like it is going to stall all the time it is being driven. When I mentioned it to Tim on Thursday he kind of just shrugged it off and thought I was over reacting but of course when he drove the car yesterday he changed his mind. He said he will get spark plugs and change them as he things that may be the many cause, last night he was out trying to get the spark plugs out but was unable to find the right spanner. I don’t know what happened as I went to bed and left him to it, he was complaining that someone took his tools but I don’t think that happened I think he has just misplaced them because his sheds are a total mess.

So I will have to get Tasha to also get Leo this afternoon, she will have to get one of the boys out early in order to get them both picked up this afternoon. I said I thought she should get Blain first as Blain last week asked a few times if he could see Leo’s school. Yeah since she drove Jessica’s car she has realised it isn’t the big scary car she thought it was.

Last night when Leo had his bath he flooded the floor so much that the carpet in the hallway was wet with a nice puddle of water there, I was annoyed and a little bit angry, Leo said he was sorry and didn’t mean to make such a mess. I ended up using 5 or 6 towels to mop up the water so of course this morning I am washing towels. My washing machine isn’t dissolving the detergent and even the fabric softener and I was towels in fabric softener and when I went to get the towels out of the machine there was still undissolved stuff so I have had to run them through another wash this I find frustrating but little I can do about it. I can’t afford to get another washing machine so I am just dealing like one does.

6 thoughts on “Monday’s Report

  1. Yikes, let us hope you have experienced your share of bad luck now and everything else will go tickety boo Jo-Anne! And yes, I’m going to watch the Oscars tonight! ❤
    Diana xo

  2. Glad to hear that the cyclones weren’t near you. But it looks like Leo created a small, localized cyclone in your very own home. Hope your washing machine woes clear up soon.

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